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50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 22: Doctor Who?

doctor who cares

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 21: What do you think will happen during the DW50th?

The Time Lords will come back? (If I wish hard enough maybe??) I don’t know but there’s gonna be Time War stuff and that’s gonna be awesome. And I’m pretty sure that more people are coming back than we think. (They managed to sneak Paul McGann into a minisode I bet they could have done that and kept it secret.)

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 20: How do you think the Eleventh Doctor will regenerate?

I dunno but I really like the idea of Eleven drowning because IMAGINE the pretty lights in the water and pretty wow so pretty. (Also people have said some things about thematic whatever rivers and ponds idk whatever.)

Alternatively I hope it’s painful because I love when the Doctor is in pain. :D

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 19: Pick a companion that is no longer travelling with the Doctor. Where do you think they are now?

ugh don’t ASK THAT

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 18: Name a minor character that you’d like to see return.

How minor do they have to be because I want to say things like past companions and ALL OF THE TIME LORDS but I guess I don’t know if that’s minor enough?

How about Jenny? I need to have Jenny back at some point.

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 17: What’s the best piece of DW merch that you own? Don’t own anything? What’s something that you wish you did?

It’s not merch but I have an Ace jacket and it’s PRETTY FUCKIN RAD.

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 16: Think of the last movie you saw. Would the main character be a good companion?

The last movie I saw was Thor 2. Jane would be an AWESOME companion. She’d be all SCIENCE and it would just be so great. She could ask a bunch of questions about how stuff works! Ooh, I really want Darcy to be a companion too. That would be so fun!

IDK Thor would probably be a neat companion. I’d love to see Loki as a companion though that would be really interesting.

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 15: If you could have your memory erased of any episode so you could watch it again like it was new, which episode would it be?

I didn’t have an answer for this a day ago but right now I’d really love to rewatch The Night of the Doctor with no foreknowledge.

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 14: What room on the TARDIS would you most like to visit? The library? The karaoke bar?

The library has to have so much cool stuff, I’d have to visit that. IIRC there’s a really rad art gallery too. I think there’s a butterfly room so maybe that. I’d love to check out the wardrobe too lots of neat clothing.

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

November 13: What do you think is the weirdest thing the Doctor keeps in his bigger-on-the-inside pockets?

i’m imagining them finding an entire teapot. with tea in it. or maybe cats. not the teapot with cats though, they’re separate. i really don’t know.